4th & 1 woes continue ....


Just wow

Not being able to convert a 4th and 1 against Alcorn State is just sad. No way around that.

Back went wrong way once he got in the hole.

Yep, the back missed the hole. It was definitely there…


4th & 1 and he chooses not to follow the block and Alcorn “freaking” state makes the stop.

It should be the Williams & Whaley show the remainder of the season in my opinion.

Hell TJ Hammonds managed to get a few yds on the previous play.

Hjalte Froholdt also missed his block and that fourth-and-1 play. It allowed the tackle to come through and get his hands on the back enough to slow him down.

The fourth down and QB keepers on the zone read play were the two biggest concerns I took away from the game. Those were the plays that hurt Arkansas last week. Alabama and Ole Miss have QBs who can pull off that zone read the next couple of weeks. Arkansas’ safeties were taking some pretty bad angles on that today.

Froholdt was off balance and awkward, but as a whole the play was blocked plenty well enough that they should have easily converted. The RB has to do a much better job than that, especially if he’s going to get the bulk of those short-yardage carries.

Since the Hogs do have the SEC’s top rated QB, how about mixing in some passing in with those “obvious to everyone in the world running plays”, which we haven’t been good at for a long time.

Former UGA QB David Greene had the best play action fakes and that would have been an excellent time for that.

short yardage plays have been a problem since the last coach. agree that a bootleg with run/pass option should be incorporated