4A State Title Game

Please tell me that the referees didn’t hit Warren with a 15 yard penalty for a fan running on the field at the end of the game??? If so, that is horrible! You don’t throw a flag like that to decide a State Championship game. That whole crew needs to be banned from calling football games forever. That is terrible!

The fan was a Warren HS student, according to Little Rock police, who had been standing on the Warren sideline the entire game. It’s entirely possible that, with Warren out of timeouts and the clock ticking, he ran on the field to get the clock stopped and give Warren a chance to run one more play. They got the one play, at the cost of 15 yards, but Arkadelphia intercepted. If high school football had a 10-second runoff rule for offensive penalties, as college and NFL do, the game would have been over anyway.

At the end of the day that isn’t a penalty and never has been. You don’t punish a team for the stupidity of a fan especially in a State Title game.

The refs acted appropriately.

Without the flag, warren wouldn’t have got another play off.

Dude. They cheated. Fan ran on the field to stop the clock so his team could get one more play. It’s absolutely unsportsmanlike conduct.

Show that to me in the rule book. How in the hell would the team know a fan was gonna run on the field.


Allow me to educate you further. Several times in the early Eddie Sutton era, when Barnhill still had bleachers on a dirt floor, technical fouls were called on the Arkansas student section. Refs have discretion to do that.

Ok, let me educate you…Explain this to me teacher…Why isnt a flag thrown for unsportsmanlike conduct when an idiot fan runs on the football field during an NFL or College game??? You can’t say you haven’t seen it happens because it happens all the time and not one time has a flag been thrown.

Because Bo Hembree told him to run out there? It’s quite possible.

Either you’re a Warren fan or just don’t understand the concept of unsportsmanlike conduct. Let me try this one out on you: An Arkadelphia player is running down the sideline for a touchdown and the same kid runs out to tackle him. You gonna let him get away with that? Of course not. This kid interfered with this game almost as blatantly.

You want rule book. Here’s the applicable passage from the NCAA rule book:

Rule 9-2-1-b (3): No person or mascot subject to the rules, except players, officials and eligible substitutes, shall be on the field of play or end zones during any period without permission from the referee… Penalty: Dead ball foul, 15-yards from the preceding spot.

Could they flag a streaker coming on the field? They could, especially if his appearance interfered with the game in some way. The streaker, or the Warren student, are both “subject to the rules”. If the kid runs out there in the middle of the second quarter, they probably don’t throw the flag. This time, it’s a no-brainer.

The key word NCAA rulebook…Not AAA, show me that in the AAA rulebook, and no I’m not a Warren fan. Just feel for the kids and for a championship game to end like that. Your example was totally off base.

The high school rulebook isn’t on line, but I guarantee you there’s a similar rule (most states use the NCAA rules as a basic rulebook with a short list of exceptions, such as 12-minute quarters and no 10-second runoff). If the kid doesn’t run out there, Warren loses. Warren lost anyway. I consider that justice served.

What I saw:

Arkadelphia’s #25 makes a great open field tackle on Warren’s #13 with 9 seconds left on second down. Warren has no timeouts…Warren lines up in the shotgun, but can’t spike the ball from that formation…clock runs down to 4 seconds…then the fan (reported to be a Warren High School student) is seen runs on to the field.

Now Arkadelphia had issue stopping #13 all day, but one can not assume Warren would have scored with the 4 seconds on the clock.

For some reason unknown to me, Warren after the unsportsmanlike penalty is given 12 seconds. Arkadelphia’s #25 then intercepts the final pass.

It’s a shame the act puts a cloud on the well played game, but it is what it is. Warren’s team and coaching staff seem to handle it with a great deal of class.


Well, theoretically it could have been an Arkadelphia fan that put on an orange jacket. There’s just no way to know. I get why the referees made the call and it was a judgement call. It was a really good game and it wouldn’t surprise me for both teams to make a heck of run again next year.

Standing on the west sideline, wearing a Warren jacket and a Warren shirt. If he doesn’t run out there, the clock runs out and Arkadelphia wins. That would have had to be one really stupid Arkadelphia fan.

By the way, I have learned that the Little Rock police officer who tackled the kid was an Arkadelphia graduate.

I get it. Very unlikely.

Now as far as the tackler, that’s awesome!

Tell Coach Morris. Maybe she has eligibility left.

Actually, Warren was about to snap the ball when the fan ran on the field and play was stopped. When play resumed Warren still got to run a play, but 15 yards farther from the end zone.

All I’m saying is the players and coaches had nothing to do with the stupid fan running out there. You don’t punish a team for the act of a fan.

You don’t reward the team either. There was no way the kicker gets on the field until the fan stopped the clock.