49er OL putting on a clinic

They are showing you exactly how to do it! Tremendous push and non-stop leg drive, always trying to work up the field… I hope to see us being able to do that now that we have Coach Pittman here.

All year long youdaman all year long and 50 year plus 49er fan loving it… take last week we ran the ball 47x and those big hoss linemen wanted more

Aaron Rogers is a step slow! That’s as much of the problem as it is going up against SF’s OL. Green Bay took the road trip out west to get an old fashioned but kicking! In every aspect of the games.

I know you are loving it! When the offensive line is blocking the way they are it is an absolute work of art.there is so much goes into each play, everybody has to do their own job and they mesh it together perfectly!

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Then most every team this year must have a QB a step slow… hate to break it down Army cause I respect your post but the 49ers are extremely solid in every phase and the HC is top shelf

They have been the best team I’ve seen all year when they had everybody healthy.

Yes they have and now there all back

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Love seeing Greenlaw play so well!

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He’s had a really nice rookie season. This team has what you and Clay preach, absolutely stout OL & DL play and that DL age average is like 24 years old


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