That’s the three point made/attempts for Jones, Harris, Embery-Simpson, and Sills in conference play through fourteen games. So four guards are jacking up over 13 threes a game and only making a shade above 25% of those shots. They are missing ten threes a game.

Jones 28-98
Harris 4-31
Embery-Simpson 11-43
Sills 5-17

The inability to hit threes is, I think, the single biggest reason this team has underachieved. I expected a young team to be inconsistent on defense, and to get carved up at times. But I never expected to see such dismal three point shooting from that group. You can’t win very often when the other team dares all but one of your guards to shoot threes.

It won’t get much better for this team next year, regardless of what happens with our inside players, if the guards not named Joe don’t shoot better.

Harris don’t ever need to shoot the ball!
Desi turns down a lot of open shots. But
He has been caught with the ball late in the shot clock a lot without other scoring threats.
Emery Simpson has a good shot most of the time he seems to not be getting his feet set,
Jones shot looks good the result isn’t always there.
If they don’t improve there’s no reason for any team to guard them.
That’s the reason Joe gets hounded so hard and has to fight to get an open look.

They stink at the free throw line as well. So there’s another area they need to improve.

When you throw the teams inability to rebound you have a recipe for just what we have a bad season.

Isaiah Joe is 93 of 233 from 3 this season

Yep, Joe’s shooting 40% on threes in spite of being on the bulls eye of the scouting report for every group of guards in the conference. Unfortunately it’s hard to win much with one good three point shooter and a center who can score in close. When you don’t have another consistent outside scoring option it gives the defense too much flexibility to deny Joe and Gafford the ball, especially in late clock situations.

The other four guards as a group are not shooting much better inside the three point line. Conference FG shooting, after subtracting three point attempts/makes:

Jones 32-60
Harris 31-71
Embery-Simpson 11-25
Sills 10-26

So Jones is the only one who is shooting well inside the line. He also gets fouled quite a bit, so teams now are adjusting, playing softer outside. Jones sees it(he seems to have a good feel offensively for what the defense is giving him) but he just is not hitting threes often enough to do us much good.

I think Jones and the two freshmen can all eventually be much better three point shooters and scorers. I don’t see a lack of physical ability or weird mechanics for any of those guys. Hard work and, for the freshmen, maturity, should help.

For that matter Harris does not lack athletic ability, he’s just a really lousy scorer right now, and that’s a problem for a guy who is in his third season in a college program. You just have to wonder if Harris will ever get much better. You never know, though. I thought Arlyn Bowers was a waste of a scholarship his first year and he turned into a hell of a player before he was through.

A lot of good basketball players have to really work on their outside jump shots. MJ had to do it and so many others.

This basically being the 1st year at this level for everyone mentioned above except Harris. But This level of competition probably a 1st for him to.
All these guys have decent stroke just needs fine tuned, and that’s ususlly getting the release point & form down with reps & more reps.