What score was that…

Well, it was the end of the third quarter, playing at home against MSU less than a year ago. And, we lost in the fourth quarter. Actually, we got crushed in the fourth quarter; on a day wherein BA had a QBR of 96.4, besting Dallas’ Prescott who had a 92.3.

Why do I mention this… because these fourth quarter tumults are going to end this season. We finally have some depth on defense…and there’s speed and athleticism too.

Somehow I feel much better with the “redo” having to occur on the offensive side of the ball.

I’m ready for a fun season.

Cue Paul Rhodes can he shore up this secondary that was torched last year

Toledo TT A&m and miss st were games we let get away and he seems to be the X factor heading into the fall

We got outscored 20-8 in the fourth quarter. If it’s 20-11 we win – and it should have been 20-11 if the FG protection team doesn’t completely cave in. Hedlund never had a chance on that one.

The entire defense is much better. They have experience depth and they believe they have a better understanding of how to attack a spread. And I mean attack. I believe you will see a much more aggressive style of defense against spreads. There was a lot of bend and even some break when they played several spread teams last year.

It’s a tough conference…we lost some we could’ve won (aTm/m$u) and we won some we could’ve lost (Aub/OM). Of course had we won vs msu, it would’ve been us in the Sugar!

I didn’t think about the possibility of Sugar looking back. But maybe so. It would have meant a ranking perhaps and that would have been required for the Sugar, I think.

We would’ve been ranked AND 6-2 in the West, tied w/OM who DID go to the Sugar!

Perhaps, but even with that our overall record wouldn’t have been as good as OM’s. We lost two nonconference games, Toledo & T Tech, whereas OM only lost to Memphis.

Doesn’t really matter, though. We lost the two we might’ve won & won two we might’ve lost after starting off just awful. I expect us to be much better this year, but have no clue how many more wins that might mean. TCU & La Tech replace TT & Toledo on the schedule this year. I can’t imagine we’d lose to both of them although I thought we’d win those games last year, too. If we do win both those we will win all the nc games. Only 4 SEC wins then gets us to 8, our best total since 2011. I can see us getting 9 or maybe even 10 wins, but with our schedule, it’ll be awfully hard.