42-23 in second half

Someone asks CEM how that happened??

The way this team takes off a half of basketball, the only question is why we can’t score 100 in first half before taking off second. Where did great D from first half go? Our program is better than second half we witnessed. Let’s prove it in NCAA

No, it’s not. We’ve been seeing this all year. Very inconsistent…all year.

CEM needs to learn to build a deeper bench and use it.

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You think we need a bench? I think we need leadership. Either at the head coach position or on the floor. It’s absent.

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I think there are a lot of factors that contribute to this team’s inconsistent play. Inconsistent leadership production on the court would be one of them. Fatigue would be another. I know it’s like pissing into the wind but I wish Muss would go deeper into his bench but he doesn’t. Maybe a learning from him, maybe not. I know that CNR’s teams would have this team gassed pretty darn quickly. To borrow his saying “Fatigue makes cowards of us all.”


You’re probably right. I do think 40 minutes is too much. Especially if a lot is expected of that position.

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Leadership missing! Muss needs to tweak his ways. Evolve. Our opponent know they can beat the 1 on 1 junk. No motion or cutting. That was an embarrassment last night.