411….What ever happened to……

  • PJ Hawg?
  • Hog2009?
  • Wax?
  • Petunia?

Petunia checking in. I’ve posted a bit lately but mostly just reading.


Wax posted quite a bit during football season.

It’s been awhile but is doglesby still around?

Ned Beatty Squealed?

Hope PJ is OK. Just realized it has been some time since I’ve read his posts.

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A great moniker! Years ago when AOL was the dominant internet browser, its Razorback board had a boatload of posters with really funny but creative porcine nicknames …maybe collectively the best I’ve seen on a sports forum. Ned Beatty Squealed would have fit nicely there.

PJHawg was posting through the middle of January, but not since. Don Oglesby has sent me a text or two in last couple of months, but I have not talked to him.

I haven’t seen Ned since the old board.

Haven’t seen General post in awhile either

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