40 yards dash time for sprinters vs NFL speedmen

There have been a lot of discussions about whether NFL guys can match true track sprinters in speed. Since NFL only measures 40M times and not 100M, ESPN decided to measure 40M split times in 100M races. Below is an example of Ronnie Baker winning 100M in 9.99 at American Track League meet in Jacksonville. Baker’s split time 4.19. Women’s 100M was won by Brianna Williams of Jamaica and her split was 4.45. See Baker’s race below.

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Wow - speed kills

I’m surprised it’s not faster than 4.19 actually. But then he’s got starting blocks on a Mondo track; NFL guys have neither advantage.

Did they measure 40M or 40Y? Nobody in the NFL combine has ever been timed for 40M. Yards only. Forty meters is 43.75 yards so he was undoubtedly sub-4 11 feet up the track.

They measured 40 yards.

OK the split sign trackside said 40 meters.

All the reports indicated that it was yards. If it was meters, the split time is more like 4.14.

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