#40 was the difference

Now, he is a difference maker. He won that game for the Tigers.

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No we let him be the difference. On tape by watching him last week against Alabama we should have seen we did not need to put either of our tackles trying to block him solo especially a backup like Crawford who did his best but he ate him alive


While true, he would have had much different results if KJ were playing (and a bit healthy). This game was lost last week.

What happened to wagnor…and should Ty’keist move inside?

Been fighting a bad back.

It might be in Wagners best interest to retire from football. The back problem has plagued him for way too long.

We were doubling #40 for awhile, brought Knox over to give Crawford a hand. Even the announcers noticed and mentioned it. Then, inexplicably, on that crucial last drive we left him one-on-one against our backup tackle, who he beat to make the game-sealing strip fumble.

Somebody on our coaching staff messed up big time on that play. We could not block Perkins with TC alone.

Needed Knox to run a route therefore Crawford had to do block by himself

Perkins had the flu yesterday. Spent all morning throwing up. Then made us throw up for 3.5 hours.

Perkins is from Houston, had originally committed to TAM, then flipped to LSU.

QB has to check to the right pass pro. It’s among the things KJ does best.

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Well in looking at the game tape, 3 of the 4 sacks he got were when he was spying him and just ran him down. Nothing you can do about that. He just made an NFL move on Crawford on that last one so in reality he only got one sack against our tackles…

Crawford needed help on last one. You are correct. Great move.