40 names on the coaching carousel

Is our next HC on this list? A mix of HCs and coordinators.

The current one is, by the way.

From SI.com:

<LINK_TEXT text=“https://www.si.com/college-football/201 … cott-frost”>https://www.si.com/college-football/2017/11/22/coaching-carousel-candidates-chip-kelly-scott-frost</LINK_TEXT>

Long isn’t here to pull another Bret type hire out of left field, so I guess that the next guy is on that list.

I think we will have a better idea of who it will be after this weekend.

Actually, there is a left field hire out there that is not on that list. The coach has expressed interest in getting out of his current school and conference. TN,FL, and AR have all been rumored to have spoke to him. One rumor indicates he is the reason we have an AD Search, because he said NO, get an AD first.

I understand why Gus is the target. I get it. I will support him if he lands here.

But if he says nope, can someone tell me why Charlie Strong or Greg Schiano aren’t being mentioned? Are we THAT enamored with offense? Schiano especially ought to be on everyone’s wish list…I would think anyway. If you can turn RUTGERS into a winner…

I believe so, and I think that will be the downfall of the next coach. Wasn’t that the issue, everyone said Petrino had, NO DEFENSE?

What coach are you talking about? That wants out of his school.

Also… let’s not act like Brets defenses have not been worse than Petrinos. He had one good year, but it’s been really, really bad outside of that.

As for Schiano, we need a guy with recruiting ties down here. He doesn’t have that, he’s a Big 10 guy.

I didn’t say anything about Bret having a better defense than Petrino, Hogmaestro asked why not Strong or Schiano (defensive minded coaches) are we that enamored with offense? I replied to him that yes, I believe we are more enamored with offense than defense. So, everyone wants an offensive juggernaut, which in my opinion will do the same thing Petrino did. Win 10-11 games, but not get over the hump and win the West or beat Bama.

Gotcha. I agree, there’s nothing wrong with a defensive minded HC.

Minus we just had one for 5 years and have had horrible defenses, I think that leaves a bad taste in everyone’s mouth.

We need a balance, a really good offense and a good defense. I don’t care or think the philosophy of the HC matters, I think what does matter is having spectacular assistants and recruiting.

100% agree with that entire paragraph

Who are you talking about?

Whoever we get as a coach, he has to be able to recruit Texas, North Louisiana , Eastern Okla, West Tenn., and of course

so no B10 coach, got it, because they do not know football

So no Saban or Meyer

That statement is silly. Football is the same all over and coaches worth a damn have the personality to adapt to any area. North or South, East or West does not matter.

Well if you would choose to dissect and figure out why I said no, you would see that he is purely a big 10 guy.
What do I mean?
He’s a replica of Bielema, and has no recruiting ties in the south.

Like many have said, we need a guy with recruiting ties.

Don’t let your frustration get in the way of what I’m actually saying.

Partner, i’m not frustrated at all

I think Schiano would be the best choice right now. Over St Gus as well

He took a bad school and made the pretty good , then went to Tampa Bay which is in the south by the way. Players hated his rules and he was out

I dont think he is like CBB because he is a in your face coach cameras be damed

I disagree.

He is certainly not the best fit. Coaching comes down to the best fit a lot of times.

Tampa bay is a professional team, so I know he didn’t develop recruiting ties while there.

I think he’s a good coach, but he is not a good coach for us.