40 Minutes of


RPI fell from 27 to 41 which makes a “bubble team”. Still a long way to go though.

http://www.ncaa.com/rankings/basketball … etball-rpi

Oh, this is 40 minutes of hell…

More like 40 minutes of what the hell

This team resembles absolutely none of that. Call it what you will, its neither 40 minutes of hell or fastest 40! The days of Nolan, are long past. Wish they were not!

Definitely a long way to go. At some point the players have to want to be winners and play as a team. Too many players looking for their shot instead of creating for others, yet playing timid when set up by a player to take a shot. Not much point guard press up the middle and dishing to the corners. We have about 4 shooting guards and no point guard. We don’t have a nasty big or bigs in the paint that fight. They seam whimpy and are often man handled. No rotation on d and no awareness for screens. Just all around bad. The good: well Thomas (after getting a foul in the first 5 seconds) actually fought hard and played ok. Thompson is growing fast in his role. Barford is starting to be consistent. Hannahs managed to make some 3’s. 14 more games. Need to win a lot.

The games is different now and Mike has not adapted. It’s officiated differently (freedom of movement) and there are more breaks in the action, that means more time to rest. That means it’s harder to get into guys legs and because you can’t hand check and re-direct you end up giving up more open looks. You just cannot play that style of basketball anymore and have success…Hawgball is dead.