40 minutes of hell is dead...

and has been for a long time. I wish we would stop the full court press (even though it worked some against guard poor Alabama) and just dig in and play good half court defense. Yes Mizzou was hitting a few tough shots, but we got in a whole giving up open looks off our trapping that accomplishes seemingly nothing.

Corliss and the 90’s hand check rule isn’t walking through that door. I wish we would adjust.

Do you think Mike will change?

If not, why, as you suggest, would you think anything would be different, even with a great recruiting class?

Remember Mike’s first class? It was highly ranked. How did that pan out?
Remember Jimmy Whitt? He was so good he would have started on the 27 win team as a high school senior according to a certain inside. How did that pan out?

I hope like heck we make the tournament, but if we don’t why would CMA deserve a 7th year? That just boggles my mind.

No, that was 40 minutes of Hell. The Hogs were lucky to make it close.

Forget it and get ready for Vandy.

Navy dead on

There is not a valid excuse for what happen tonight losing to a team that hasn’t won in 13 games. The rope for me and this staff is unraveling fast and will be cut if they don’t make the NCAA. I don’t care who you are or what you had to fix when you came onboard, six years and one trip to the tourney should mean a firing. It would at most schools.


It’s sucks ! This team is not a good pressing trapping team. They have no value of the ball and play like they don’t care. Show some class and play. We never had a chance to win because of attitude.

You made a good point, we definitely have attitude problems that’s robbing this team of energy. WPS

The trapping defense is NOT a good scheme against teams that have good guards. We don’t seem to change schemes to match our talent or our opposition’s. I had hoped that we were going to go to more man and zone (no traps) instead of so much reliance on trapping against good guards. We always leave someone open for an easy shot when we trap good guards.