40,000 expected at WMS Saturday

Is anyone other than the media and a few politicians excited about this “Historic In State Matchup?”

It is a bit more newsworthy than the Hogs playing another SWAC team, but the only fans excited about it are very likely UAPB fans. The UAPB fans are probably mixing in a lot of dread with the excitement of getting to play the Hogs, given how poorly UAPB has played this fall.

Wally Hall is over the moon about it. So there’s that.

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So are the guys on The Buzz…they are downright giddy about it.

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I don’t sense any more or less excitement for this game than any other against an FCS team. It’s just a date to fill a schedule. I wish they would do away with these types of games, but I don’t think the commissioners have any desire to do it. They help a lot of teams get their sixth win for bowl eligibility. That might be the case for Arkansas this year.

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Arkansas hasn’t drawn well in LR in awhile. I know the game isn’t sexy but what happen to parents taking their young kids to see the Razorbacks. I know plenty will be there but when I was a kid, the Hogs could’ve played Joe T Robinson and I would’ve been thrilled to be there.


probably a combination of the team not being very good;"no name team"or Missouri being the opponent;and the rising rate of violent crime in Little Rock has a tendency to keep people away.also with the state fair going on this week…where do you get the better value for one’s money?just my opinion

I’d much rather see UA play UAPB than watching UAPB get steam-rolled by Bama or Georgia.

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When the home team isn’t good or the opponent isn’t good, a lot of people are going to save their money and stay home to watch on TV. I think that is the main culprit for the years poor Little Rock attendance. If not for TV, these games would have better attendance, similar to the mostly full crowds for the Razorbacks’ basketball and baseball games in North Little Rock. There is never TV for those games, so it becomes a popular ticket.


Kind of a mixed bag on the crime rate.


Never heard crime as an issue for attending a Razorback game.


I’ve lived in Little Rock and Pine Bluff. The only place that I’ve had a gun to my head is Pine Bluff. Twice.

It’s an 11 am game. No crime at 11 am


I guess the 911 calls are wrong.


They’re doing their utmost to make this seem like a big deal, but it just isn’t. Everybody expects a blowout. If the hogs had beaten both AU & OM, there might be a few more there, but not many.

I was at the LRTD club Monday & they tried to make it seem historic, but not many seemed to buy it. Bazz said if Frank were alive today he’d say, “It’s time [for an instate game]”. I stifled my “bullshit” response.

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I have heard some say an 11 a.m. game should be a crime.


I always heard that you shouldn’t be out past midnight. Nothing good happens then. I’ve never heard you should be in by 11 a.m. Guess I don’t know my old neighborhood. LOL.

It can be historic and a snoozer at the same time.


Well we haven’t played an in-state team in 77 years, so I guess that’s historic. The last one was a yawner too (41-0 over the mighty Bill Weevils).

It really stretches the meaning of “historic.” In that sense every game is historic. I don’t think we’d ever played Alcorn St before that game 3-4 years ago, either.