4 Top 50 RPI games left

2 on the road (UF and USC)
2 at home (Vandy and Georgia)

The SEC is getting a little love in terms of RPI, which we need to capitalize on.

We’ve got take care of business against LSU, TAM and MISSOURI.

I’d take a loss at home to Vandy or Georgia if it guaranteed a win on road to UF or USC. But, if we could manage 3-1 through those 4 games and no bad losses, this would be Mike’s best team yet, with studs to follow in the next 3 classes.

We are close guys. Really close. This season could go either way, but if we finish strong, I think Mike should get some serious credit. I realize it hasn’t come fast enough for some, and I get that to some degree, but considering the past 10 years, I’d be happy with the fact the ship has turned. It hasn’t yet, so grab your popcorn and sit back for the next 30 days. Woo Pig!!

The rate of improvement we have seen in Barford, Macon, and Bailey this year is extremely encouraging. Along with veteran leadership in Kingsley, Watkins, Hannahs and Beard.
I am hopeful our forwards will feed off senior leadership and young “Airdrio” pushing them. The team is coming together, and still improving big time at the right time. For all the criticism Mike takes, I sure think he has a lot of experience and knows how to get the best out of whatever he has to work with… at the right time of the year, crucially, JELLING

Barely four. Vandy is 48th, Georgia is 50th. Either or both could drop out of the top 50 Saturday (Vandy plays OM, Georgia plays @ the Chickens). Basic point is valid, though. The ship is turning/has turned, he has a great class coming in and things are looking up, no matter how much some people try to pee in our Cheerios.

Let all the whiners gripe. Our hogs are coming along. The future is bright and we will have some national respect again.