4-star Zuby Ejiofor

will arrive about noon tomorrow w to start his unofficial visit.


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Andy said Zuby will announce soon from his list.

Unless something changes, I don’t expect Arkansas.

Oh no Senor RD. Are we wanting to wait on others or does he like other schools better?

I think it’s the latter.

Would you say it’s likely we do not sign either Ejiofor or Kijani Wright?

Texas likely for Ejiofor?

Soon apparently means tonight according to Ejiofor’s IG.

Texas or Us.

9 pm.

Apparently he visited Texas either today or yesterday. You think he headed to UT Richard?

He announces for Kansas.


Unreal. Shocker. I guess that’s recruiting for you.

Seems like we have had a lot of bad news in recruiting lately RD I’m ready to land a fella. Dunning on the 4th would be nice.

I wouldn’t get my head down.


The cheater at KU still managing to reel in top talent. Totally unsurprising.

Glad you are around to keep me sane and in check Senor Davenport! I’ll take your word for it!

Just trying to save you money and off the couch.

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