4-star QB Walker White mid season highlights

He’s completed 105 of 180 passes for 1,371 yards and 16 TDs so far. He’s rushed 50 times for 396 yards and 8 TDs.

Hard to imagine how fantastic the QB’s are that are rated higher than Walker White.

Uphill battle here for the Hogs.

Added his stats below the video.

who is our competition?

Ole Miss is strong.

Is there a family connection at OM that competes with his family connection to the Razorbacks? If not, what is the great appeal he sees in their program? Just Kiffin’s offense? He may not be at OM next season.

Well, he wasn’t at the top of our board, originally. I don’t know if OM made him their #1 priority, or if he felt slighted, but he’s made several trips there and appears to have made a better connection, currently.

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John David’s somewhat negative experience here is also a factor.


Walker white and Braylon Russell traveled to tcu together yesterday.

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