4-star QB Jackson commits to Hogs


Dandy, Dandy, Dandy

Nice pick up for the Hogs! Welcome aboard. Four more years of KJ.

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Wow, Hogs are on a roll with both FB and BB commits!

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Had the story ready to go since Wednesday. It sounded like he was going to do it on Friday at first.

Is there a 2024 list of commits on the site anywhere?

Looks like he has a lot of potential… Way to go guys

Just asking, why no love from the Alabama schools?
UA…Campus of Champions

Both schools already landed their QBs. Auburn has Walker White from our backyard and Alabama has the the #2 overall prospect in the country from California in Julian Sayin.

KJ on why he’s a Hog.

They’re working on getting the list in the front page.

KJ…something about it just seems right!

What classification he played and where does that sit on on the ladder in Alabama?

He plays 3A. Goes up to 7A.

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Forgot to ask KJ if he was a December or spring grad. He will graduate in December and enroll in January.


That’s always a big plus!!

Great interview after his commitment. I’m excited to have another KJ!

Even if he does have a FFH hat

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