4-star O-lineman Paris Patterson pledges to Hogs


Outstanding commitment! Coaches are doing an outstanding job securing quality commitments. Love it.

Hope everyone is having a Happy 4th!


He committed on his OV.

His mom wants to move to Fayetteville but he’s not real hip on it at least for the first year. She has an unbelievable personality. You just fall in love with her the second you meet her.

Paris has some of that personality that’s for sure.


Great pickup, another one of these big OL, hopefully in the next two or three years we can see these guys be able to step in here and play.


I love me some of that big guy. You say Mr. when you talk to him!!!

I just love Olinemen. They are the key to the whole game.


5 plus hours from home lets personalities come strong. Wide variation in eval by the services

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A great get!
“Rivals rates him a 4-star recruit and the No. 10 interior lineman in the nation.” I guess I’ll never understand the star ratings…seems to me #10 in the nation would be a 5 star. I understand IT. DOES. NOT. MATTER how many stars they give him…just kinda puzzles me.


Right now Rivals has 19 5-star recruits for 2023. Total. Of those exactly three are offensive linemen. They’ll add more 5 stars later but probably not over 30 or so. The #10 QB might be a 5 star. Not the #10 OL.

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Yeah they always leave the 5* for headline grabbers,the ones who win the game never get the love lol


Sam and the gang are bringing in the type of players that will continue to keep the Hogs climbing the rankings in the SEC. Welcome aboard Paris and appreciate you choosing the Hogs!! WPS


Paris is a man. He will dominate. Love it, so glad this big guy is going to be playing as a Razorback.

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Recruiting team rankings are in the process of being updated this morning, it appears. Hogs are ranked 8th by ESPN, 12th by On3, #5 by Rivals and #6 by 247.

As noted in the story, Paris played at 370 last season. He has pretty decent film but not great. He weighed 341 at the Arkansas camp and moved much, much better than he did last season.

He told me yesterday he’s down to 335.

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yeah he definitely need to drop quite a few,will be much more agile at 335-340

RD I don’t recall ever seeing us being such a factor with the top prospects in the St. Louis area, as we are now. It seems that every prospect in the area that I read about, has Arkansas on their list. Is this at least partially due to Barry Odom? Should this concern Coach Drinkschlitz at Mizzou and Coach Bert in Champaign?

There’s no doubt people in St. Louis and beyond really respect Barry. I had several dads talk very highly of him. He has a good name in Missouri.

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Wow he’s a huge kid! Surprised he only has three SEC offers… looks pretty good to me