4-star Harrison Ingram blown away by Arkansas

http://www.wholehogsports.com/news/2019 … plans-off/

Good stuff my dude. I think 2021 is when we start landing the big time out of state dudes.

Gives them a year and a half to recruit’em.

Soundsl like this kid has a nice all around game and time to grow into his listed height and weight. Would be a good start to the 21 class.

We have had so many kids visit lately…I am ready to see some commits for 2020 and get this thing rolling.

One of those visits need to be official to get it rolling. I don’t get hyped up with unofficial visits. Each recruit usually visits whole bunch of schools unofficially, since that number is not regulated.

These unofficial visits have been brilliantly conceived. The recruits and families come at a less busy time and get to tour campus with all the coaches. They can come back now during a football weekend or early season basketball for an official.