4-star forward Jaylon Tyson

Commits to Texas Tech. Arkansas had a virtual tour with him about two weeks ago.

I am not sure how to translate the news of a recruit taking a virtual tour into the level of interest he may have in our program.

Or, conversely, how much real interest we have in him. It seems Muss has had virtual tours with every 4 and 5 star recruit willing to take the tour. He must have had 30 or 40 of them, for what, 3 or 4 openings a year.

And, by the way, I totally agree with all these tours and offers. If you don’t try for any of those top 50 players, you sure won’t get any.

They liked him but hadn’t offered yet.

Until/unless the NCAA puts limits on virtual visits (which wouldn’t surprise me), you might as well do as many as you can. Maybe a kid who wasn’t really interested before sees something that gets his attention. Like Taliyah :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Muss will get the people that he wants just as he did this year! I think we can leave the virtual tours, the visits (if and when they come) and the recruiting decisions to him as he seems to know who fits his system best. We all have our favorites on his list of recruits, but I trust that he’ll end up with great players and guys that will win for the Razorbacks. I get a kick out of all the sports writers (and I’m not including those on this site) and analysts that make the comment that Muss seems to go after every good player that is in the Transfer Portal or are on the top recruiting lists. It seems to have worked pretty well for Duke, Kentucky, Kansas, etc (in basketball) and if you look at the top 100 in football Saban is only recruiting about 90-95 of them.

Maybe they knew he was Texas Tech bound.