4-star DL Markis Deal


Any surprises Richard?

Not really.

Texas the favorite?


What makes you think Texas is the favorite?

$$$$$$ does.

At least one person who covers recruiting thought we were getting Deal until the NIL was not an up-front “deal.” We did our usual, thorough discussion of NIL and the recruit was told, off-campus but on a visit at UT, that he’d be compensated earlier (and better) at UT.

Something like that.

A lot of people get up in arms about NIL when a DT is not going to have the splash cash that a QB will have. And, some of it is unchanged, simply “coming out of the shadows” from where it operated for decades before.

Texas is going to make you pay/work to get a coveted recruit out from under their noses.

A bidding war few can or will win if Texas absolutely wants a given player in the state, unless family or other ties outweigh money.

We are in the top 6 for Markis, so he hasn’t ruled us out of the decision yet. We are giving him the opportunity to play DT instead of offense. I am not sure how many of the 6 will let him play DT but they might all tell him they will.
Texas might be the favorite but until he tells the Hogs no, i am holding out hope that Sam and company will sway him to be a Hog. Maybe our NIL package gets good enough or maybe the longhorns suck again this fall and he decides he wants to be in Fayetteville.

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The opportunity to play DL cannot be overstated. In the end, a school would be foolish to tell him “no” while being recruited…unless that costs the school another recruit at the “not really” position (DL in this case).

I know Deal is a player that you don’t turn down if he wants to come, but at least we’ve got commitments from a couple big guys to play DT/NG.

I will say something at the right time.


Wish most of us, me included, had that skill!

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Now that is interesting

Don’t like the sound of that…

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