4-star Derrian Ford commits to Arkansas

“I just had a great bond with them and I talked to them almost every day,” Ford said. “I just felt the connection and then just saying home. I just want to represent for Arkansas. I just love Arkansas so much.


Awesome news!!! Love his game!


Big time get! Keep em coming, Muss! Welcome, Derrian. Go Hogs!

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Would probably have bet against this a year ago at this time, but success and Arkansas’ recruitment turned things around.


I admit that I thought he was a Baylor lock.

Coach Muss is taking no prisoners on the recruiting trail.


Fantastic news!

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Congrats Derrian, and WPS!

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Muss will never be able to recruit high school players


WOW, that is GREAT news! If any player is a perfect fit for Muss’ positionless system, it is Derrian.

Was his commit at this time unexpected, or were you and Richard aware it was coming today?

Congrats Derrian and congrats Hogs!

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Me too. So pleased when something good happens that you don’t expect.

This one went from Arkansas lock as a freshman to not Arkansas to Arkansas again.

Great news.

That makes two (Dunning and Ford) of the three June visitors committed.
You’re next Mr Ware!


I can see where you’re coming from, but don’t you think winning is going to naturally take care of that problem?

Genuinely interested in your thoughts here. I’m not picking E-fights.

Thinking sarcasm from Hog2009.


That was one of the ridiculous arguments used against Muss when we hired him.

Heard this morning.

More great news. Great get indeed with Derrian Ford coming aboard. Super talent. Welcome to the monster that is being built in Fayetteville.

Fantastic news! What a huge get!!
Kudos to our coaching staff–they are relentless on the recruiting trail.

Bigtime player! Way to go Muss!

Ford’s signing moved the Hogs up to 3rd in the country in the 247 composite team rankings for 2022. Behind only NC and Oh St. Ford is a top 50 recruit on 247 composite.

HUGE get for the program and hopefully will lead to others in state!