4-star CB runs blistering 40 time at Arkansas camp

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How abt playing wr as well?! Smoking fast!

You think he’ll get an offer, Richard?

That’s up to Briles. He worked at CB. Will they look at him at WR in the future? Can’t say but will try and find out.

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Based on what I’m hearing, I say no right now but I’ve seen a staff change course before.

He’s definitely about 5-9. We were close to the same height.

I’m probably 5-10 now. I was 5-11 3/4 at my tallest back in the day. LOL

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I was kinda being sarcastic, but with that speed never knw. I could see returning punts though.

I would look at him at slot with they type of speed.

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With his ability to block kicks, it would seem worth it regardless of which other position he practices at. Put him on the edge, and a big guy in the middle, that would put alot of stress on the opponents special teams for FG’s and punts.

Speed alone does not make a good returner or slot. Hands matter, a lot.

Look at the offer list and you’ll see some conspicuous absences - No SEC schools. The height has to be making them skittish. The speed gets him the 4-star eval but going up against 6-3 to 6-5 WRs puts him at a big size disadvantage.

Did you watch Forrest Gump?? Lol

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