4-star CB Adonis Otey a Hog

Another big get.
http://www.wholehogsports.com/news/2018 … mits-hogs/


Amazing what happens when you understand recruiting.
I really can’t even imagine ho good recruiting will be when we start winning.

Man, the Hogs are on a roll!

Big-time get for a secondary that is already shaping up and looks to be even better with Otey.

Yesterday we were headed in the RV to Nashville and I thought about Adonis when we passed Murfreesboro. I had just read something about him the day before.

Welcome to the family Adonis.

You will be well loved by our fans and state.

WOW!! Just WOW!!

They are tearing it up right now!

whose ya Daddy!!!love it! keep the train rolling…I just wished they were signed!

No kidding! Long time from now to December, lot of time for poaching. Of course that goes both ways; we can poach some people too.

Wow! This staff has proven you CAN recruit to Arkansas!
Great recruit job! Vey impressive! Keep em coming!

This is starting to get nutty. WPS!

For those keeping score, this pushes Arkansas to No. 21 on 247 Sports.

And every said you can’t recruit this type of talent to Arkansas smh I never believed that jumbo mumbo people make places places will never make people. Alabama is a small country state like Arkansas so why them and not us… We Coming! :triumph:

Yep. I bet I’ve heard the old “Arkansas has to find the diamonds in the rough and coach them up” crap a thousand times. Also, the standard “Arkansas just can’t recruit at the same level as _________.” I never want to hear that crap again.

We won 4 games last year. 4 games!!! Imagine what will happen if we go to a bowl.

Wow…WOw…WOW!!! Not sure I saw this one coming but thought we had a 50/50 shot or slightly better. Man oh man, what another huge pickup but I am with another poster in which I wish it was already December and time for them to sign. This class will be incredible if we hold it together until they all sign. We have the coaches to do it that’s for sure.

Anyone heard anything positive yet on the board from a certain you know who on how well are recruiting???

And this guy is not even the silent commit, another 4 star.

Alabama has 5 million people and 1.3 million African Americans (it doesn’t take a genius to figure out African-American kids are the primary source of SEC talent). We have 3 million and 400,000 African Americans. That’s a big difference.

And regional stuff isn’t as important as it once was (particularly for Alabama, which can pretty much recruit nationally thanks to their ongoing success; see Tua from Hawaii). But 23 million people live within 250 miles of Tuscaloosa, including Memphis, Nashville, Atlanta and New Orleans. Our 250-mile count is 14 million and does not include Dallas. Again a much larger pool (and also a larger African-American population within that radius for Bama).

Then there is the pool of football playing schools. There are 423 high schools in Alabama that play football. There are 208 in Arkansas. Double the pool. And that doesn’t even take into consideration the complete collapse of football in the Little Rock school district, or in much of south Arkansas outside Warren. It’s no coincidence that in our glory years we could depend on a steady flow of talent out of Little Rock. That’s not there any more.

Can we counteract some of this? Sure. CM is hitting Texas hard; whole lot of football players in Harris, Dallas and Tarrant counties and environs. Otey isn’t inside that 250-mile circle. Neither are Gregory or Jefferson or Nash or Stone.

FWIW, Arkansas pretty much led for the longest. Mark Smith was able to seal the deal today.

with all do respect all of that means nothing to me top programs recruit well nationally not just regionally or locally we are now breaking barriers and that can’t be overlooked or understated enough! This proves it’s no excuse for the poor recruiting under the old staff at least this proves Arkansas was not the problem as many like to suggest

Bielema hit the Midwest and got people like Ragnow, and hit Florida for Collins, Kirkland, etc. Not enough of them though.

You’re gonna get kids from outside your area (maybe Grandma lives in Bentonville or something), but without going through Bama’s roster, I bet the vast majority of kids came from somewhere in a 250- or 300-mile radius of T-town. It helps to have talent in your vicinity.