4-star Blocker moves up announcement date


How are we sitting?

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I like where Arkansas stands right now.


“Blocker, 6-2, 172 pounds, of Sunrise Academy in Kansas, made official visits to Arkansas, Kansas State and Maryland. He cancelled a visit with Kansas.”

That last short sentence is a huge piece of information. That was my main worry about getting Blocker’s commitment.

I think Layden’s importance to the Razorback basketball program can’t be overstated. As a high 4-star, in the recruiting rankings, I believe he’s still underrated. His early commitment (hopefully, I’m reading this correctly) will be a huge boost to our 2023 recruiting.


Rob Cassidy of Rivals has put a crystal ball prediction of Blocker to Arkansas. If he’s right, this is a great start to the ‘23 class. Layden is the best PG to come out of the state of Arkansas in decades.

Next up: Ron Holland

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Better than Bryson Warren?

I love(d) Bryson, but never considered him a PG. I saw him as more of a Nick Smith type college player. He could play some point, but would excel as a 2G. Up until Bryson chose the pro-route, I was begging for both Warren and Blocker. They would have been dynamite on the floor at the same time.

IMO, from his freshman year, Blocker has played and looked like a great PG. Yes, he can, and will score, but his best skills are seeing the floor, passing, controlling the tempo, and being a coach on the floor.

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How would Blocker compare to Lee Mayberry?

I guess you could say both can hit the three, dribble and drive and spread the ball around. Similar in that way.

I think Mayberry is the best PG in Arkansas history. We’ll see how Layden does.


Thanks, Richard. Lee is always the standard for comparison. He had an unimaginable calming, confidence that helped other players relax.

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Great response Richard. Couldn’t have been said any better.

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Well. Yes. I’ve watched both play.I think Blocker is better.

Blocker is the best Arkansas-born PG in YEARS.


Yes. I agree. Mayberry is the best pg ever at Arkansas. Layden is the best hs pg from the state. We’ll see how he compares to Lee.

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Richard, do you think Blocker’s commitment would help us with Baye Fall? I remember, at the Pango’s top 100 event last year, Blocker and Baye Fall were 2 of only 5 recruits in the 2023 recruiting class that made the Top 30 players. I don’t remember if they played on the same team, but I’m sure they would know each other. If I remember right, Layden was one of the top assist guys at the event.

By the way, Walsh and AB were also at the event and both made the Top 30.

Just found stats for that final Top 30 game. Layden led all players with 7 assists and AB was 2nd with 5 assists. Walsh was 2nd in points, with 15 for the game. They all played on the same team, along with Baye Fall, who led all players with 20 points and 8 rebounds. Their team won by 35 points, 134-99. I’ve got to believe that Fall probably got several assists from Blocker.


Don’t think it hurts. Every big man wants a guy who can get them the ball.


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