4-star Barry Dunning's Arkansas visit felt like 'home'

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Very well-written article, RD. Thank you for your hard work keeping us all informed.

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Senor RD is the hardest worker in the biz!

Great job, indeed. One of the obvious questions on Dunning would be how he views his home state schools. One has to think that Bama and Auburn would pull out the stops to keep a top 50 player home. And, he visits Memphis soon, and we all know how funny things can happen there.

It’s going to be fascinating to see how does Muss prioritize these kids? You have the 3 Arkansas kids, Dunning, Wright from LA visiting, and several other high prospects as well. How many would we take?

That’s my question. Can we get a kid out of Alabama with Alabama and Auburn the best they’ve been in the past 20+ years.

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FWIW, I’ve been asked about Barry attending the baseball game. I’ve been told when schools host a regional like Arkansas, the kids and parents have to pay for the tickets. If it was a regular season game, the coaches could take them free of charge like they do to other sporting events on campus.

Wow! NCAA rules! What a great opportunity NCAA would not let us use. He could have seen that atmosphere and extrapolated that to BWA.

He did. He was there.

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