4-star Barry Dunning commits to Arkansas


I have to wonder if he delayed the announce by 24 hours because all these Twitter graphics weren’t ready yet…

Muss & co. beat out both Alabama and Auburn for the Gatorade High School Player of the Year in the state of Alabama. THAT is impressive. Serving notice to Kentucky and the rest of the SEC that Arkansas basketball is back. We’re gonna come in and take the best players we want from your state and there’s really nothing you can do about it. Now Muss just needs to build a fence around the state of Arkansas and keep the top players home. I’m certain he will do just that.


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I am glad he is a Hog as expected. Continues the streak of 4 star signings.

But I don’t know about beating out Bama and Auburn. There is no evidence that I can see that they were going after him

Big time recruit. So glad this young man has decided to be a Razorback. Muss is building and feeding the monster and it will continue to grow.

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Alabama and Auburn were both on his offer list according to espn.com.

They were his first 2 offers. Dudley or Richard posted some time ago that Dunning had said publicly that he was looking to go to a school outside of Alabama. Wanting to go out of state is also true of several Arkansas High School recruits in the past that we fans like to go after on message boards.

I’m glad that I was wrong about the circumstances surrounding his delayed commitment!

Welcome to the Razorback family, Barry!


Wooooooo! Just calmed down for long enough to come post! My wife thought something was wrong when she heard a loud shriek from the living room and just rolled her eyes when I told her the news!


When one commits, it means another one or two are no longer on the list. Do we know who likely is no longer getting an offer?

With Muss, I don’t know that you can be sure of that. Muss doesn’t mind bringing in 7 or 8 newcomers a year. We have two commits for 2022 and five seniors (counting Toney who has two years of eligibility left), plus whoever may hit the portal at some point. Especially with Muss’ positionless approach, which means that just because Dunning is a SF, we aren’t necessarily backing off Jordan Walsh who is also a SF.

Yes, but you know Muss makes a lot of offers but only some that he will take to the next step and accept commitments. Thise recruiters call commitable offers.

In other words, for example if Ramel Lloyd signs with Nebraska, it would not mean Nebraska beat out Muss.

BTW, don’t interpret this to mean I think Dunning is not good and Arkansas should not sign him. Muss knows what he is doing. He has shown that he is not signing a high schooler unless it meet his skills requirement.

Yes, and going a step further, he has said he places great stock in the character of the recruit/transfer. He seeks to make sure, as nearly as he can, that he will be a team first player and not a hindrance in the locker room. He made a point of it in reference to having so many new players that have to be molded into a cohesive team.

I know I tend to look at skill only when discussing eligible transfers and recruits. It appears Muss is very good in this aspect of recruiting. It has shown up in the number of times we beat teams with a more individually talented team than we had last year.

Of course maybe Dunning just wants to leave the state like Nick Smith.

I lived in Bama, not surprising he wanted to leave…

In the Twitter world, that seems to be the consensus opinion. Meaning he told both Alabama schools to leave him alone.

Funny that the reason he didn’t go to Bama or Aubbie was that he wanted to get out of state, but South Alabama was one of his 3 final schools. We can keep it real and still be excited to get him. The 2 big instate schools didn’t go after him. That’s okay. I trust Muss and am glad we got him.

Yeah, I’m not buying that he pushed Bama and Auburn away. I think the reports have been embellished - one analyst started the notion when he said that he wouldn’t be surprised if Dunning left the state, which could’ve just meant that Dunning is more open to the idea of leaving more than usual. Dunning did talk fondly about Auburn coming off of a team camp pretty recently, FYI.

More of what I’ve read that I’m inclined to believe has to do with Bama and Auburn wanting a more accomplished three-point shooter at his size, and them having him down the pecking order. Let’s not forget - Bama and Auburn have recruited very well.

In the end, I’ve not found one person in Arkansas recruiting circles that has seen Dunning enough recently against great competition to get a good eval on him. That should change soon when the shoe leagues start up. He’s playing for the Nightrydas in the Nike EYBL, which starts July 13.

Lastly, let’s say that he’s not that impressive in EYBL play. I don’t think there’s any denying that he has shown enough to have great potential, and his size and versatility really fit with Muss’ style. I’d be surprised if he’s not a solid player for us.

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Razorag, I appreciate your post about Dunning. You were fair in your analysis. I’ve read some critical posts about him from Pinto that were out of line so I’m glad you posted your analysis.

A guy who takes a school to the Elite Eight in his second year obviously needs help evaluating.

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RD, I agree with you. I trust Muss a lot more than someone on hogville. I shouldn’t visit their board. Live and learn.