4 rb offers within an hour

Are they planning to take more than one?

Also really shows they didn’t think that Jeremy Gibson had the juice to play in the SEC. His offer list said the same, I always thought.

I give it to him, he’s swinging for the fence trying to land the big cats…

Can’t hit a homerun unless you swing!

Coach B was eviscerated for swinging for the fences and missing. Will be interesting how long the honeymoon is for Coach M

True to a point, but he was also evidcerated for putting all of his eggs in one basket way too often. That’s to say they way would recruit too few players at some positions. They would bring in a stud for a visit and if he didn’t sign they had not brought in back up guys and were left scrambling. It was very disappointing when this was the case and then they ended the year not using all of their official visits and sometimes weren’t close to doing so.

Guess it is a matter of style and what one thinks works. It is risky to place all your eggs in one basket, but when recruiting against the high profile programs it would seem we would try to establish relationships to combat the glamor/appeal of the big dogs. This strategy would likely appear like we are focusing on limited guys.

Seems too early to assess which recruiting strategy is better, with limited results for Chad. Hopefully Chad’s will work, but yet proven.

Coach B was rightly criticized for not recruiting SEC level speed, size, and talent at many positions. He was not criticized for trying to get high ranked recruits, just failing to get them.

You have to like that’s he’s aggressive and is offering top players we have nothing to lose. WPS