4 quarters v 2 halves

Fran Frachilla just made a good point during this Brazil v Lithuania game. The men’s college game should adopt 4 quarters v 2 halves. It would shorten the game, because at the end of every quarter the team fouls return to 0. You won’t have the parade to the the foul line starting with 13 minutes left in the half. That might even help Arkansas considering it won’t give other teams rest while shooting foul shots.

I’d be interested in Dudley’s take after watching international hoops this week.

International basketball is nothing like Dr. Niasmith envisioned. And I for one, had rather other folks adapt to our game than we to theirs.

I am strictly talking about quarters v halves.

And also, the good doctor didn’t have a 3 point line or allow dribilling in his first set of rules. I suppose those should be abolished?

Women’s hoops went to quarters last season in the NCAA. Seemed to work OK. However, it occurs to me, without having watched a whole lot of women’s games last year, or in the Olympics now, that quarters would encourage more fouling because you’re not going to have the situation of shooting one and ones for the last 15 minutes of a half any more. Do we really want to have more fouls committed/called to break up a game that often doesn’t flow very well anyway?

As to “others adapting to our game,” that’s not going to happen. FIBA has its rules, the NCAA has its rules. What one does in no way affects the other. If it’s a good idea, it’s a good idea, no matter where it came from (I can hear some heads exploding on this one). FIBA’s rules are not as wacked-out as they used to be; the NBA influence on international hoops has standardized things a bit. No trapezoid foul lanes any more, for one thing. I actually like the international rule that the defense can knock a ball away once it has touched the rim; I would like to see that in the US game.

I like the quarters concept and I would not be surprised to see the men go to it in the future. The women’s game seemed to speed up last year because there was one less media timeout per half.

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I assume the threshold for the bonus would be cut in half and applied to each quarter. Perhaps the double-bonus could still be based on total fouls in the half, but the quarter threshold would determine whether free throws are shot at all. That would punish teams for using their fouls at the end of the first and third quarters but give teams a reprieve that have an early spate of fouls. For some illogical reason college refs have gotten into the habit of often calling the second half much closer than the first. That can cripple the defense early in the second half for the remainder of the game.

Not advocating either way just another point to consider.

Using quarters would in theory allow a team to adjust to how the referees are calling the game (if they are calling it tight) without being punished for the entire half. I suppose to some extent it is a reputation (I might even call it more accurately a perception) earned over many years but it seems like we get called for more early, hand-check type fouls than most teams. So I think we could stand to benefit from this change.

Go Hogs!