4 pitchers in 3 innings!!! What gives???

Obviously, Campbell couldn’t get it done, Ramage Walsh two and Rutledge wild pitches???
What gives with our pitchers???

No pitching. No defense. Will have to score about 15 to win today assuming we ever get to bat in the bottom of the third. This is not the 7th ranked team in the nation today.

this team makes every game exciting! joke!!

It’s still mostly pitching, though. McFarland should’ve had that ball, but when fielders are standing out there as long as ours have, it’s hard to expect them to be sharp. We’ll be lucky to get out of this inning only 2 down.

I said in another thread this might be a football score. Now I’m thinking a big football score. Maybe 17-14 type stuff. Maybe their pitchers are down to the wild ones, too

I’ve seen quite a few Sunday SEC games that wind up like that. An endless series of hits and walks and errors. In this case, walks and WPs.

When you stand out in the field and watch all of those walks and wild pitches what do you expect! Don’t blame the defense. The pitcher should have been at first to receive the throw to from Biggers.
The hogs need to get off the mat and score some more runs.

It is what it is. I, for one, thoroughly enjoyed the commentation.