4 guards

I think coach is going to be forced to experiment with 4 guards playing with Daniel. Maybe play the matchup zone with them. Adrio, Gabe, and Reggie are so limited offensively I think it would be worth a look for a few minutes a half.

Adrio had 20 pts. last game, Reggie will come on when the game slows down for him and it will, Gabe, well-----need work.

Lol. Bailey had 20 last game and has been stroking jumpers before today. Cheney has shown flashes. Gabe can hit shots when he’s under control and taking what’s there.

If we went 4 guards we would get murdered on the boards and on defense in the paint.

Jordan Phillips perhaps could be the fourth guard cause I’m not thrilled with our PF play either Adrio is too inconsistent to be a junior

If tried full time I agree but I’m talking about a change-up 4-5 minutes a half. I’m not seeing the production from the forward spot outside of an occasional jumper or stick back. Teams are going to double even harder from that spot and lots of open shots will be there for someone…

Gabe looked better today, but still looks out of control too much. Reggie has tools but his jumper and free throws are pretty ugly. Adrio 20 points last game, seemed like 20 bricks today. All three play really hard. All three will contribute. I’d just like to see them go small and fast every now and then.

Bailey played really good defense today. Like most of the team, DG aside, he didn’t shoot the ball well but he isn’t one we will expect huge points from in most games. Reggie is a pup right now but has tons of potential that I expect to be manifested over the next two months. When these guys get acclimated to college ball (sooner rather than later) and how their strengths mesh, they will be a load, especially if we can get this type of game from DG just half the time.

I agree we might be able to try it in spurts.

We are already getting murdered on the boards so it probably won’t hurt. It’s worth a try.
I think we should all give Chaney a little break. He will come around in a big way.
Gabe gets in too much of a hurry on offense. Bailey needs to be rebounding and find his offense in the flow. There were times today with shooters on the court we had shots jacked up that were questionable at best. Gafford, Joe and Jones will have to provide most of the spark for this young team for the next month at least. Bailey and Gabe will show up on offense hit and miss but they do need to play solid D! Harris will need to be steady and score some as well. The bench is a work in progress.

I completely agree, and even said so before the season began. We need more scoring on the floor. 3-4 inches of extra height for defensive rebounding is WAY overrated. If you can’t score, you should be on the bench, unless you are a shutdown defender playing against a stud scorer.

My defense would be a zone called the “umbrella”, with Gafford staying exclusively in the paint, and 4 guards patrolling near the 3 point line. They would match up on the ball side, then sag down nearer the paint on the off side.

We’ve played 3 games. Bailey has been really good in 2 of those games. I will be extremely happy if Adrio plays really good in 2 of every 3 games for the rest of the season. I’ve seen a lot of improvement in his game this year. You can tell he has really worked hard this past off-season to improve his overall game. Every player has off-games, Gafford even had an off-game against Cal Davis.

Bailey is averaging double digit scoring (10.7), is our third leading rebounder, and has just 1 TO total in 3 games. He is also shooting 55% FGS and near 70% FTs. That is exactly what we need from him this year in order to be a very good team.

In his first 2 games, you could see he wasn’t forcing and let the game come to him. It looked like he may have got “too high” for Indiana, which caused him to press a little. I’m betting Mike will talk to him and he will learn from that.