4-3 vs 3-4 Giving up too many points per game

Wondering if anyone has stats that show the average amount of points allowed per game and yards allowed per game in last years 4-3 defense compared to this years 3-4. Seems like we are allowing close to 40 points per game this year with what was supposed to be a much superior defensive scheme. We let Coastal rack up 38 on us and most of that was with the 2nd string QB. I honestly don’t remember the last time our defense was this porous. Seems like every game we let someone break it directly down the middle for big yardage plays.

I know that at the beginning of the season…the players seemed to really be buying into Coach Rhodes system and they like him as a person. I know our players are better than what they appear and are definitely superior to what a “Coastal Carolina” gets. This leads me to ask then… Is it that we are just not there talent wise or is the coaching that bad? Something has got to give. Our players can’t be that far behind the other teams in the SEC. Love my Hogs, but these games are getting harder and harder to watch.