4.28 forty

Is what one camper supposedly ran this morning. Will try and get the name.

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Told the kid ran a blazing time and the coaches didn’t believe it and asked him to run again and this time five coaches timed him. He ran again and the slowest time was 4.31.


The young man is Tay’shawn Wilson from Mayde Creek High School in Houston. At this time, I’m not expecting an offer to come his way.

Hard to believe we can’t find a spot for a kid with this kind of speed. Be curious to know where he is lacking.

Edit: I watched some vids of him. Not super smooth as a DB, which is his projected position. From my untrained eye, his fundamentals are low. With all the other DBs we are getting on campus for visits, I can see why we haven’t offered yet.

You definitely have to have speed to play DB in the SEC. He has that.

But you also have to have the loose hips, ability to change direction, ball skills, etc too.

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Yeah definitely takes more than speed. I think it was Lou Holt that said what he thought of the blazing speed of his highly rated freshman.“well that just tells me he’ll get where he shouldn’t be going a whole lot faster than everybody else”. There’s a lot of Truth to that.


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