4/2 practice notes and observations

Five guys wore green no-contact jerseys today: Hayden Henry, D’Vone McClure, Kirby Adcock, Drew Vest and Silas Robinson. Colton Jackson (knee) was in yellow, and McClure was in concussion protocol on Saturday.

Absences from practice: Rakeem Boyd, Briston Guidry, De’Jon Harris, Mike Woods, Daulton Hyatt, Connor Noland, Chase Harrell, Britto Tutt, Devwah Whaley, Micahh Smith and C.J. O’Grady. Morris said Saturday following the second in-stadium scrimmage that O’Grady was dealing with a lower back injury. Whaley was not in green Saturday, but did not participate in the scrimmage. Today, he was held out of contact/out for the sixth consecutive practice.

We’ll get an update, I’m sure, from Chad Morris on Hyatt, Harrell, Whaley, Smith and O’Grady. We meet with Morris at 6:30 p.m.

First team offensive line: Myron Cunningham, Austin Capps, Ty Clary, Shane Clenin and Dalton Wagner. Morris and Joe Craddock mentioned following the scrimmage the staff was close to solidifying their five best OL, but took a step back after 3 more guys went down. This group was the first team OL on Saturday.

Arkansas didn’t do the Attack Drill today, but instead went through its W Drill, which pits a running back behind three separate 1-on-1 matchups - typically OL vs. DL followed by TE vs. LB then DB vs. WR - roughly five yards apart. Mataio Soli got the best of Cunningham once and Jonathan Marshall whipped Capps pretty good from what I saw.

I’ll have more from the press conference later - the football one. :wink:

Gotta name a starting QB after spring. That was a big problem with last year, with Kelley and Storey splitting reps in fall camp. I can’t imagine this being a problem. But, CCM needs to name our starter.

Most don’t name a starter after spring. It encourages transfers. And, anyway, you add Nick Starkel to the mix in June. I do think naming a starter early in fall camp is important. Right now, I do think it’s clear that you have a clear front runner at quarterback in Ben Hicks.