4-0 SEC start

I know it’s too early to start bragging, but it’s nice to be 4-0 in the SEC. If we can win this series against MU, we have a nice head start.

It was strange to see so many sweeps last weekend. Out of 7 series, only 1 was a split. Ole Miss beat Vandy 2-1. Six teams were tied for first place at 3-0 & Six teams were tied for last place at 0-3. All those standings will change this weekend. We’re at least in a good position to be at or near the very top with this win over MU.

Long way to go, yet, boy 4/0 sure is nice!

Also beat their first round pitcher. Not sure about their pitcher on Saturday. This could be a good weekend.

The key SEC numbers (wins) - to me - are 15 and 20.

Win 15 and you are .500 in the conference. Recent history has told us that is a virtual lock for an NCAA Tournament bid, unless your out of conference schedule is atrocious (ours is not).

Second number - 20 wins - means you’re usually in the thick of things for the SEC Regular season championship. and, in that territory, you can be in the mix for hosting Regionals and Super-Regionals.

To reach those goals, you need to just keep winning series - and NOT getting swept. Consistency is the name of the game.

It was a disappointing day today. Stephan did so well until that one pitch in the 6th inning. Regardless, one can’t expect to sweep series away from home. If we win tomorrow, it will have been a very good weekend.