3x3 Men’s Olympic Hoops will be without USA

Basketball without USA?

The USA men’s 3x3 team is a bunch of has-beens including Robbie Hummel, former Purdue star. Dunno who the 3x3 women are

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so glad to hear that USA Olympics care so much about our team, lol. this seems like a sport hand-picked for us to get a gold medal. sigh


They should’ve started a team with iso Joe and gone from there.


Never heard of it (3 on 3 Olympic Basketball) till now.

That’s because it’s a new event for the Tokyo Games. Which are apparently still going to happen in spite of massive opposition in Japan.

Not sure about the qualifying process but we could probably find three playing on the streets of NY and win it. Someone blew this up along the way.

Agree, only way to call it. Somebody in charge simply didn’t care. Perhaps a sign of our present political morass. It shapes up to be a strange Olympics. Has a vaccine passport been required? One of my most desired trips in the near future is Japan, especially Kyoto. I enjoy studying Japanese history and culture. A few folks over there I hope to finally meet face to face. Oai dekite kouei desu.

The team we had was ranked #2 in the world and had just won the World Cup. We had the right team that had gone thru US qualifiers to earn the right to represent US. They just got upset. These guys have been good.

Whatever that’s garbage. Beat by the Netherlands? Come on. USA shouldn’t lose in b-ball in qualifying rounds period. I could’ve gone out there with a couple dudes from wilson park and run some pick and pop all day give me a break I want to see how they make these Olympic team selections I mean I don’t know who the hell robbie Hummel is but he obviously can’t play no defense :man_facepalming:

Losing in the qualifying rounds is an embarrassment to the USA for a sport that we invented. Unbelievable.

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So World Cup winners don’t get automatic invite to the Olympics in this new sport I take it.

As I understand the format, we had to finish in the top three of that qualifying tournament, but we lost to the Dutch in the third-place game.

The US women’s team is all active WNBA players, I learned.

Pretty embarrassing to lose any kind of basketball game to guys wearing wooden sneakers.


I said World Cup. I meant to say World Championship. They were almost dominant winning the Worlds.

Our team is made up of mostly ex-NBA players. Yes, Robbie Hummel played in the NBA.

Yup, he played for the TWolves.