3x better?

It had not dawned on me until this morning that Arkansas tripled Kentucky’s run production in each game. The final scores were 6-2, 9-3 and 3-1. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen that in a three-game series.


That is very unique the way it played out… hopefully we can do the same thing next weekend on the road.

Pretty interesting observation. I would settle for that the rest of the year.

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I am not going to expect sweeps, no matter who the opposition is. Every SEC team has good players and you just never know. I do know that I do NOT want the Hogs to be ranked number one going into the CWS playoffs. I just prefer to keep that kind of pressure and expectation away from the team. (Although they can probably handle it better than I can.)


Let’s truly appreciate the SEC sweep. We only did it twice last season, against Mississippi State and Florida. It’s not a common occurrence.

On the other hand, let’s sweep Missouri!!!

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I totally agree Marty.play number two in the nation is not the same as when you’re playing number one… Just something about that aura that goes with that ranking it makes everybody play just a little bit harder.

I just want our hogs to earn the Super regional! Winning series is what it’s all about. They have started conference play better than last season! That Bama loss was rough but the hogs took the next 2 games and won the series.
The road isn’t easy so at Missouri just win at least 2.

Missouri is a strange team. They gave fits to Vandy and Miss State last year. One of the games this weekend with Vandy was tight in the late innings.

They have a higher batting average than us by 20 points.They have 1 starter with 2.21 ERA and the other 2 are in the 4-5 range so hopefully we can play like we did last weekend and win the series.

Win Friday Night is the key! Missouri will fight the hogs for sure. The bull pen is well rested so DVH has plenty of options coming out of the pen.

Missouri is a better team than it was last year. The Tigers have played a pretty good schedule to this point and went 12-5. That includes a win over Arizona State in Phoenix.

Three everyday players are hitting .350 or better. Mizzou runs the bases well.

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Winning over Arizona State is no test. They are pretty pathetic this year, having been in a downward spiral for a few years.

Team Record Win % GB Overall Overall % Streak
Arizona State 1-2 0.333 2.5 9-12 0.429 W1
Date Loc Opponent Results Notes
Fri, Feb 18 vs Dixie State W 3 - 1
Sat, Feb 19 vs Dixie State L 7 - 6
Sun, Feb 20 vs Dixie State W 17 - 8
Tue, Feb 22 vs Nevada W 3 - 1
Thu, Feb 24 vs BYU L 4 - 2
Fri, Feb 25 vs BYU L 6 - 5
Sat, Feb 26 vs BYU L 19 - 3
Tue, Mar 1 vs Oklahoma State L 7 - 5
Wed, Mar 2 vs Oklahoma State L 11 - 6
Fri, Mar 4 at San Diego State W 13 - 5
Sat, Mar 5 at San Diego State W 6 - 4
Sun, Mar 6 at San Diego State L 4 - 3
Tue, Mar 8 at UC Irvine L 4 - 3
Wed, Mar 9 at UC Irvine L 3 - 2
Fri, Mar 11 vs San Francisco W 8 - 5
Sat, Mar 12 vs San Francisco W 4 - 2
Sun, Mar 13 vs San Francisco W17 - 10
Sun, Mar 13 vs Missouri L 6 - 4
Fri, Mar 18 at Oregon State L 21 - 0
Sat, Mar 19 at Oregon State L 12 - 2
Sun, Mar 20 at Oregon State W 3 - 1

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