3's. Missouri and the Hogs.

Missouri took wide open 3’s all game long.
They even had a walk on make one. Just sit up in a corner and wait for the hogs to double and get the ball out to the corner.

We helped out on our end.
0/5 from 3
Harris 0/1
Gabe 0/2
Bailey 0/2
Gabe even took one on a fast break where he could have headed to the hole. I’d rather see Joe or Jones take those 5 shots.
I’d like to see some man defense and some hard nosed rebounding like Derek Hood used to do!

Especially the need for a Hood type 4. We need a strong rebounder who can finish. I really can’t remember anyone that fits that description since Hood and the late 90’s. Nolan had a bunch, IBM, Wallace, Sonny Adebyou., Dwight Stewart. The closest that Anderson had to that type was Alandes Harris. Maybe Powell under Pelphrey. Maybe Charles Thomas under Heath.

The end of game sequence was pitiful. They needed to run a play for Gafford or get the ball to Joe. I think that the NCAA tournament is out for us and we probably need to win 3 out of 4 at home to secure a NIT bid. Gafford did improve his game but his efforts to help a young team reach the Big Dance are not enough to get us in the tournament.

Wish I could be more positive. WPS.

Also Mizzou was without their best 3pt shooter, Mark Smith, a 48% 3 pt shooter

We made a walkon look good! He scored 5 points making a 3 and a baseline jump shot.