3rd Paid Coach to be reconsidered

Fight for third paid assistant receives new life

That is great news. When they get that done work needs to be done on scholarship limits.

I don’t disagree regarding the scholarship limit but I also don’t expect it to change. There are schools that don’t give the full 11.7 as it is; they’re not going to voluntarily make it that much easier for the schools with more money. And the low-dollar schools outnumber the power baseball schools. They’re not increasing scholarship limits in any sport for either gender.

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I think you are right Jeff. Nothing will be done.

The only way that it changes is if the Power 5 conferences go for autonomy. I thought that might happen once upon a time. Not so much now. So, like it or not, the 11.7 rule is going to stick. Title IX is the sticking point. They just are not going to add men’s scholarships without adding some women. I don’t know where you’d add women’s scholarships, but that’s what would have to happen.

The obvious place would be softball, where the limit is 12