3rd and long

Killing us. 3 TDs off 3rd and long. I thought we would compete.

Kind of a pattern under Odom, not saying he is to blame or he isn’t good, but under his tenure we have not shown a great tendency to get off the field defensively. We had shown some ability to get to third and medium or long, only to give up first downs. I think some may be talent, but some almost has to be scheme.

Thankfully so far our def has not had to defend muc h this half.

Major hold sprung him.


No calls still rule football


I just don’t understand why we give up so many chunk plays, especially on third down. Got to find a way to fix this.


Have seen many lengthy holds that have not been called on them. But tackling on D is the bigger issue.


There is a lot of bigger issues.

Our lack of talent is issue 1 to 10.

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No doubt that Alabama has more talent, but I would be more forgiving if we had played to our talent level. I don’t think we did.


We dont have enough speed on the back end to run people down even if we have the angle

I agree 100% . WPS

Arkansas was the 15th-best team in the country last year in third-down defense.

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