3pt defense

3pt defense 3pt defense 3pt defense 3pt defense 3pt defense 3pt defense

how long do we have to see the same thing?

245th in nation in opponent 3pt %

we absolutely must improve on that. i don’t get why we just keep letting the jack it from deep uncontested

go hogs. get after em Mike

Fort Wayne 6 of 18 from 3 - missed its last 8 after Arkansas switched defenses

mike does a good job changing things up on defense in game to break up other teams rythem. hope they figure out the effort and rotations to contest perimeter shots consistently

What about rebounding. I was at the game and Ft Wayne was ready to play and we couldn’t keep them off the offensive boards. When are we going to fix our rebounding? Yes we have more talent but we’re still going to lose games if we can’t rebound the ball more consistently.

A ton of miscommunications on switches and rotations, which you’d think they’d fix. Detailed some, with video, in the observations piece.

And Fort Wayne did a nice job forcing help and opening up shooters. They’ll give up some 3s by virtue of trying to play the PNR aggressively at times.

Reply: actually you don’t have watch, you weren’t forced were you, I thought this 1st game was interesting we played a good coached ball club that actually have good players at the guard and forward positions with a decent big. Sure we missed opportunities played on both sides of the basketball last night. although the reassuring thought is we have the players that have the skill set to excel in this style of play. This was a good test plenty of teaching opportunities plus we walked away with a victory…We play again Monday I will be anxious to see whether we learned from last night game. The nuance as I see it we have seven new players that have to learn to play together apparently it’s working we best a good coach team last night that played in the NIT last season

I agree, CA has captured on film those mishaps on the boards and perimeter defense etc. This season we have the players that can fix those concerns I look forward to Monday’s games to see how well our players adjust

I think Jimmy does an unbelievable job of breaking down some of the glaring fundamentals this team needs to improve on. Good effort and win overall. If the team wants to be dancing, defensive scheme and rebounding emphasis will have to be coached and the players will need to excel in what Jimmy has broken down which is not new news. I think this team has a ton of potential and talent and can go as far as they want to go if they listen to the coaches and improve their fundamentals. Offensively one of the best teams we have fielded in quite some time.