3d out at 3d is bad

but any out at home is really frustrating! are those calls not reviewable?

They reviewed it. He was out. Too bad. I thought he might have made it. It was worth the attempt.

I like the replay rule that overturns have to be indisputable, so I agree the call stands, but I didn’t see any angles (of course we don’t necessarily see the ones the replay officials see), that clearly showed he was out.

According to the announcers the SEC “confirmed” the ruling; they didn’t just let stand. I admit he looked out to me.

At this point that play doesn’t matter. It’s that disastrous 6th that’s killed us. Bonnin came in & got two quick outs. Maybe he can hold them down the rest of the way & maybe, just maybe, we scratch out 6 more runs in the remaining 3 innings.

Well, we are now a grand salami away. Can’t think of a better sendoff to the CWS than a great comeback victory. We’ve got the weapons, but I’m less than optimistic.