37 years ago today

“It’s in! It’s in! U.S. Reed!”

Some argue that March 14, 1981, and not the Magic-Bird final two years earlier, is the day that really launched March Madness (see link below). I don’t disagree. And it was my privilege to be in the Erwin Center for this one, with a largely useless camera hanging around my neck on the baseline. I got some shots, but not THE shot. My friend James Smith took the one you see here. He was sitting about three feet from me.

<LINK_TEXT text=“https://nypost.com/2012/03/14/u-s-reeds … t-forever/”>https://nypost.com/2012/03/14/u-s-reeds-shot-nbc-changed-tournament-forever/</LINK_TEXT>

I remember that game like it was yesterday. My wife & I were watching on TV. Both of us sick because we’d out-played UL, but they took the one-point lead with only 5 seconds to go. We knew it was over & we had lost. Then that shot…

I remember we both jumped out of our seats & began jumping & hollering. It has to be one of the greatest moments in Razorback history in any sport.

I understand EOE plans to build a new on-campus arena soon and tear down the Erwin Center, which will become the site of a building in their new medical center. Too bad from our standpoint. A lot of good Razorback history in that building. We are 6-0 in NCAA tournament games there (and all six were nailbiters). U.S. from Halfcourt. Strollin’ with Nolan. Syracuse’s extra time out.

I too remember the game like it was yesterday. I lived on N 26th street in Van Buren, Arkansas. I had moved from Ft Smith to VB in 1977.

It was the first house I ever bought. 1300 SQ FT for 27,200 bucks. I was 27 years old.

In the front room I think is was a nice day. The front door was open and the screen door closed. So it was open for fresh air.

I’m not sure where my family. My son was born Feb 27, 1981 so he was, what about 2 weeks old.

I had the TV going as loud as it would go. And then They Louisville hit that shot. I was smoking HOT be we IMO had won that game. I was screaming mad.

WE HAD just got cheated out of a great game. Actually I think I was just about in tears. I ran to the door as stated screaming mad.

I then having my hand on the front door latch turned back to the TV, the in-bounds pass and then “The Shot”

I ran a lap around the front den and ran outside this time screaming with tears of JOY. I was running around the yard and ran to the car.

I started honking the car horn and then 1 by 1 cars all up and down the street started honking.

I’m thinking now maybe the radio was on. At any rate Justice HAD BEEN served. 94 was the ultimate goal but O that shot was what dreams are made of!!!

I was watching the game with friends. We were all disappointed because after leading most of the game, Louisville had gone ahead near the end.

As the Hogs inbounded the ball, we were all standing.

When U.S. Reed put the shot up, I dropped to my knees.

When the ball dropped through the net, it was literally a prayer answered.

What a memory! What a game!

Every time that US Reed shot is mentioned it warms my heart! What a game!
The Syracuse extra time out still burns. The hogs may able to make some more history this year!

I was sitting in the Managers office at Weingarten’s in Pine Bluff. When he hit the shot I started screaming. US Reeds high school coach (Jerry Rook) was a friend of mine. At noon Jerry gathered a number of local businessmen would go to the PB gym and play basketball. We called it noon ball. After noon ball one day me and Jerry tried to make the US Reed shot repeatedly. Jerry insisted he taught him that shot.

US is one of my all time favoriite Hog basketball players.

That shot lead to me seeing my first ever NCAA game. Docestes was in college in Fayetteville and, if I remember it right, his mom told him he could head to New Orleans if he took his little brother and a friend. I was that friend. Good Times