350 and counting on the transfer list

https://watchstadium.com/news/comprehen … 2-29-2018/

In the 2017-18 season, there were 5,537 athletes playing Division I men’s basketball — and 689 of them transferred. Of that number, 331 left for another Division I program. And there were only 32 request for waivers submitted.

Honest question RD.

I just went through the list (skimmed it really), looking for Big Men that maybe able to contribute. I noticed something, there were guys listed as “Grad” (Grad transfers) that according to ESPN are currently JR’s. Then there are guys listed as JR’s. Will they end up being Grad transfers, or are they sitting out their SR years, to play one as a grad student? Just curious how that works.

They have or will have completed their degrees in their true junior or redshirt junior year and thus can play immediately at their next stop

James Bolden, W VA is on that list. Are you kidding, have we not contacted him? Would he have to sit a year, or will he be a spring grad? I know he was injured for a few games this past season, but he is a tough as nails offensive and defensive guard. He was a 40+% 3 point shooter his freshman and sophomore seasons, and slipped to 35% last season in 18 games. He was W VA’s 2nd leading scorer this past season.

I know guard is not a position of major need right now, but it seems silly to not at least explore his interest in coming here. IMO, players of his caliber are in the “too good to pass on” category.

Does it matter now whether they contacted him or not? They are no longer here. It is next coach’s job to contact the list and by the time we settle on the new coach, who knows who is on the list.

Dudley, I am sure a call was made to Shawn Stith today to ask him to cancel his visit, right?

Looks like Raymond Hawkins was spot on about announcing his commit without visiting here. Maybe he could read the future.

C’mon PJ, if you’ve read any of my posts, you know I’m about as big a supporter of Mike as you. That was not meant to be a knock on Mike, although in re-reading it, I can see how it would come off that way. I asked if we had contacted him. Our staff may have made contact, or there may be a logical reason they didn’t, like injury, off court problems, etc.

If we haven’t contacted, my surprise would have been that we didn’t because Bolden is exactly the type player Mike loves. And, it does make a difference, because if he knew Arkansas was interested, it would help whoever our next coach will be, if he wants to pursue him.

No reason to bring Shawn in.

Raymond is going to Buffalo.

Oats to Bama, does this affect Hawkins, could we be seeing him every year?

I would imagine he follows him to Bama.