35-man roster

Arkansas’ 35-man roster will include 12 freshmen and four JUCO transfers. An NCAA exemption will allow the Razorbacks not to include Keaton McKinney on the roster while he is rehabbing from Tommy John surgery. Typically players who are on scholarship must be counted toward the 35-man roster even if they are redshirting.

Also, I need to correct something I incorrectly reported a few weeks back. Zack Plunkett, the catcher transfer from TCU, will not count toward the 35-man because he is not on scholarship. I had been told during the fall that he was on scholarship.

The JUCO transfers who will be on the 35-man are Jared Gates, Hunter Wilson, Jax Biggers and Trevor Stephan.

Eleven of the 12 freshmen are Matt Burch, Jack Kenley, Jordan McFarland, Evan Lee, Dominic Fletcher, Angus Denton, Brenden Heiss, Matt Cronin, Dylan Thompson, Jaxon Williams and Lucas Krull. I think the 12th is Jackson Rutledge, although I am not positive.

Matt, I understand that Sammy Blair will redshirt, but exactly how that will work for him is not clear.

I asked a question at Swatters Club about redshirts. It seems that those getting some scholarship money can practice with the team, use the facilities, etc. If they are not getting any scholarship money, they cannot practice with the team, nor use the facilities except in off hours. (I think that I got that right.)

Those on scholarship have to count toward the 35 roster, even if they are redshirting. They can’t practice with the team once the season starts, but still can use the indoor center, weight room, etc., during the off hours.