330 MIL to Bryce Harper

https://www.cbssports.com/mlb/news/bryc … gent-deal/


He signed within the division. It’ll be interesting to see how quickly the Washington fans turn on him.

He’ll be able to afford “counseling” :sunglasses:

Signing someone for 13 years is ridiculous.

Scott Boras is his agent, so you knew the numbers were going to be ridiculous all around. Dollars, years, or both.

It will be interesting to see how long it takes for the Philadelphia fans to turn on him. He better be good, and he is a really good player who could be a great player. He is an outstanding hitter, but just an average outfielder. He is only 26 years old, but 13 years of paying a guy is kinda crazy. The Phillies said they were going to spend “crazy money” and they did.

What I don’t understand is why the Mets never went after him. They are the second banana in New York, and this would have made them a lot more high profile. Of course, they have been mismanaged for years by their ownership, so they probably didn’t have the cash. The Yankees didn’t need him because they have Aaron Judge and Mike Stanton, 2 crushers, but I still thought they might go after Machado or Harper.

Dallas Kuechel has been left out so far…I bet he signs soon now that the 2 prized guys are gone.

It was odd to me. Washington offered 10/300. Then, his agent came out today and said he chose Philly because he wanted to stay with one team and attract players to come play with him.

I get that everyone wants to make top dollar but is it that big of a difference when you get into that rarified air?

And, at what point will teams learn their lesson and realize these contracts are killers?

On one hand the industry has adjusted, overall, but then you see crazy contracts like this for a guy who, although great, has been trending down in recent years.

I understand it’s entertainment and he’s a big draw. Buy this seemed odd to me, especially considering Philly fan Mike Trout will be on the market next year and at this rate may get 15/400 if he wants it. Mercy.

I saw that the Dodgers offered a shorter deal for really stupid money, like 4/180. Harper/Boras turned it down. The Phils have gone from mediocrity to the favorite to win the East and second favorite to win the NL in one fell swoop (well, they did add a couple of other pieces this winter, like trading for J.T. Realmuto), and that could make them even more attractive for future free agents such as…

Trout, who might get 15/500. He’s that much better than anyone else in baseball. BUT… he grew up outside Philly, was a diehard Phillies fan as a kid and has Eagles season tickets now. Does he take a tiny bit less to come home and play with Harper for his hometown team? Especially if they look like they’re poised to win a Series? One reason no one thinks the Angels have any chance to keep Trout is that they aren’t good and aren’t likely to become good, and they haven’t won a postseason game since he joined the club (from North Little Rock, having jumped up from the Travelers to the bigs).

YUP Swine, he turned down 45 Mil per to play w the Dodgers. WOWza.