33 fouls called on us

I was sure that was a school record, but no. We committed 38 against Misery in 1961. And had five games of 33 fouls or more since Nolan became coach.

The killer was the no call when Devo was kneed and then called for the charge when the guy was in the circle. Just crap.


I did not understand when Black was elbowed to the face how Black was charged with a foul–the guy did not have the ball and it seems like he charged into Black. Maybe I remember wrong.


We got bumped and pushed and bodied with no calls then they got touch foul after touch foul. So, just have to make plays to overcome that.

There was also the foul on Mitchell, I believe, when he was 3’ away from the shooter. Refs decided this game

A few were no-touch fouls as well.

Missouri seemed to get away with a lot of pushing, but not saying we didn’t have a lot of stupid fouls.

Yep. We had some dumb ones. And we also had some phantom ones.

Muss said in all his years of coaching he’s never had four guys foul out in regulation. Maybe even in OT.


I typically try never to say “we got screwed”, but tonight I will…WE GOT SCREWED!!!..now that I got that off my chest, I also feel like we lost due to turnovers that were our own fault.


Move the ball with pass and a good pass. Stop dribbling into a hornets nest and give the ball up.
A lot of mistakes by our hogs.

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We don’t have a true point guard. The turnovers were the main cause of the loss, however the refs cost us this game. We had four players foul out to their zero. How is that possible when Missouri plays a physical brand of defense. If you look at the stats besides the total number of fouls 33 we win the game.


Most all of those called fouls we earned. Replay the game after a couple days away and most will see the fouls and come away with a different opinion. I posted all night the difference between our offense when make good quick passes and when one dribbles and four stand around and watch, this no- motion offense is killing us. The biggest problem we had last night was the team from Arkansas was inconsistent, reaching & grabbing, dribble driving too deep into the defense, poor ball handling and played same type game four games in a row and that’s the only consistency we have right now. The best thing I can say after pointing out our issues is that somehow we still had a opportunity to win the ball game, which leads me to believe that we continue to have a chance to be a good team. The best thing I take away from this game is the light came on for Walsh somewhat and I expect him to produce from here out “IF” he can stay out of foul trouble. WPS

You have a point. I record every game and watch the replay. When watching live, most fans focus on their own team and notice the fouls and calls against our team. But when you watch the replay, you notice the bad calls the other team got. I have not watched the replay of last night’s game. So not sure if that was true last night too.

BTW, yesterday in the preview on SEC Now, Pat Bradley called Missouri, a team that does not foul a lot.

Watching it the next day will give you a better perspective of what actually happened as to what you perceived happened in the heat of the battle live, at least it does for me. If we attack the defense by passing and cutting we are quite effective, on the other hand you attack a sagging defense by dribbling and standing it’s not conducive to winning. WPS