30 points for Bobby

8 3’s! No wonder they love him in Milwaukee.


He had to match JD!


I am so happy for Bobby that he found a great home with the Bucks. It seems that the whole town of Milwaukee loves Bobby almost as much the state of Arkansas. No one deserves it any more than Bobby.


And he has that championship ring.


Maybe Bobby can help JWill with his 3 pt stroke.

JWill shot great in hs, I really compared him to Bobby P then. but he’s coming around, really starting to have more confidence in his O, driving, ,shooting etc the past 16 games or so. he’s fine.

Connor V is the guy who USED TO have a really nice 3 point stroke, now just shoots an ugly, flat, ineffective shot. If he could regain his hs/late frosh at Cal form, he could really really help us. I have no idea where his form/game/confidence has gone.


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Connor seems like a great kid and teammate, but he just is not an SEC big.

Vanover had a set back when he was sick in early January and never recovered. Maybe his stamina and overall strength diminished while his teammates were just starting to hit their stride. He does have another year of eligibility left so we’ll see. I’m a little surprised he hasn’t seen any minutes in the last couple of months. Muss knows best and it may be that he simply can’t get up and down the floor at this speed.

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