30 for 30 on Barnhill Arena

I wonder if this could somehow be pitched.

With LSU game, it reminds of great speech by Dale Brown when the arena retired, the spirit of Barnhill crystal, all the Jim Robkin antics running the arena and William Tell Overature.

Was just reminiscing with my college buddies from those days. Remembering when Norm Stewart brought his best team and arrived late walking across floor with students going nuts and walked over throwing sticks of gum to crowd saying please chew on this and not me.

So many coaches and commentators have talked of the special place that was.

All the great games and how the fans took so much pride in making those games an experience unlike few if any others in college ball.

I miss The Barn… those were special times for sure.

I agree Barnhill was special. I honestly don’t think Bud Walton has ever been as loud as Barnhill. I remember going to games in Barnhill as a student and my ears would ring for 2 hours after a game. Mever seen anything like that before or since.

No one cares nationally. Won’t happen, nor should it. Razorback basketball has mostly sucked since the late 90s.