30 day guest pass to The Athletic

They are running a promotion. If you are interested, send me a private message. In return, I will PM you with a unique link that you can use to set up your account.

I can provide 5 such passes.

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I would love to see sports forums like this one negotiate group rates for its members for sites such as Athletic.

I recently found out that subscribers to the New York Times automatically have a subscription to The Athletic. I was able to sign up to The Athletic for free.


And I was able to sign up for the NY Times since I have a subscription to The Athletic. :smiley:

Marty, how does that work. I’m subscribed to the Athletic and would like to get the Times.

Thanks for the tip. My NYT subscription expired. I guess I will renew it.

@LDhog, @pjhawg I’m not sure how it works. I got an email from The Athletic telling me that it was available. I would think it is still available, but I’m not sure. I can’t find the email, but I did look up my subscription information on the NYT site.

Subscription overview

All Access, contingent on your continued subscription to The Athletic


I just received an email saying I was subscribed. I use my Athlectic info to get on the site. Thanks Marty.

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